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I’ve been blessed to have worked alongside hair professionals from France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Nigeria, Ghana, China & England, learning techniques from all around the world I have been able to select & combined techniques for both European and Afro hair textures.


Blonde Balayage



Blonde Balayage

Want to have a highlight effect from your roots that you get when you come back from holiday? A blend of lighter pieces & your natural colour throughout your mid-lengths and ends. Or taking it a step further by slowing transitioning from your natural colour to a solid colour at the ends with a beautiful blend in the middle. This technique ensures that there is no demarcation line when you have regrowth, so it last for as far down as you like your blend to go. 

  • Colour tip - these tones should be topped up with in-salon toners and purple shampoo & a bond builder used at home. Straighteners on heat below 180 degrees.


A combination of thin slices and weaving techniques used to achieve seamless blends, without overlapping on previous bleached ends wherever possible. If you like to be fully blonde at your root but like the effect of a balayage why not combine the two. A half head of Highlights & a half head balayage. A very trendy move.

  • Colour tip - these tones should be topped up with in-salon toners and purple shampoo & a bond builder used at home. Straighteners on heat below 180degrees


Brunette Balayage

Brunette Balayage

You can go a subtle and natural or really go for it in terms in the amount of lighter pieces blending in with your natural hair colour. This is a great way to add natural contouring to dark hair colour that can often appear flat and lifeless.

When bleaching dark hair at a level 3-4 we have to be realistic in our expectations of how light we can go whilst maintaining the quality of the hair. I stand by the hair dresser rule in the sense that you cannot go more than 3 levels at a time in one session if you want to maintain the quality of your hair. So with that being said, if you are at a level 3-4 , be prepared to be a level 6-7 before you can get to a level 9-10. 

  • Colour tip - the first lifting process of hair colour at a level 3-4 will arrive at a level 6-7 on the first go, if an ash/cool tone is desired then a purple shampoo must be used to manufacturing instructions to maintain cool tones. Hair must be treated with an Olaplex and a protein treatment within the 2 weeks waiting time before the second lifting process.


Fashion Colour


 Afro Hair Services

Fashion Colour

Let’s have some fun. What would you like to do? A root melt of two fashion colours, a balayage with some fashion colours blended in or a full rainbow of colours blended throughout your hair, let’s make it happen. For vivid colours to show on your hair we would have to lighten your hair to at least a level 9 in order for a True Tone to appear.

  • Colour tip - Using straighteners on a high temperature can make pastel colours fade quicker. Top up your colour with a take-away pot of your colour mixed with conditioner for a small fee.

Afro hair services
Whether it’s a curly hair specialist treatment you need to revive your curls with a cut and treatment to get your curls poppin’ or a relaxer service to smoothen out your roots the choice is yours.


Braids & Cornrows

Braids & Cornrows
Embrace hair freedom with braids or a cornrow style if you need a little hair hibernation or going on holiday and don’t want to add hair to the list of variables to worry about, or to ease the stress of gym work outs and swimming sessions on your hair. The possibilities of styles are endless and can be achieved on any hair type.




Hair Updo's

Understanding that sometimes you simply want a trim and that sometimes is all your hair needs to feel and look refreshed. Other times you maybe feel inspired by a picture or celebrities new haircut and want to go for a transformation. When wanting to go for a major chop I always recommend going to a wig shop and trying on a wig with that cut and see if you like the way the length feels before doing a big chop.

Hair Updos
Anything from a simple half up half down do to and intricate chignon hair up, whether it be for an event, your big day or even ascot, accessories and adornments can be added you make your hair up a showstopper. Accessories, added hair and adornments are not included.



Specializing in Sew-in method, Tape-in and clip in extensions. In my opinion the sew-in method is the most gentle technique for the hair as the extensions are attached to the head by sewing it on with a strong thread onto a thin cornrow braided with added hair for extra protection. Secondly Tape-in extension in my opinion the second kindest method of applying extensions, baring in mind the removal process done in a professional manner. Clip-in extension are a great way to have temporary length and or volume for a day and super easy to remove at the end of the night. Hair is not provided.


Wig Customisations


Creative Work

Wig work
For Wig restorations why not drop off your unit in the morning, and pick her up in the evening ready for the week ahead. Or wish to customize an old wig with a balayage or some vivid colours? Why not?

Creative Work
As an artist, it’s paramount to let your creative juices flow. Whether it be for a competition, concept shoot or marketing material, let’s have some fun. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborative work whether your a model/MUA/photographer/videographer /fashion stylist/apprentice in the industry


In-Depth Consultations

In-depth consultations
Overwhelmed by all the choices of hair cuts and colours on Pinterest and Instagram? No worries, book yourself in for a consultation and explore your hair transformation options whilst you relax with a cappuccino and a few lotus biscuits.

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