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Not your average hairdresser

Redken Advocate

Being a Redken Advocate means cLHAIR passionately promotes and supports Redken haircare products and colour systems. Sharing her positive experience with the brand and endorsing it's quality and educating others on the benefits of using Redken hair care and in salon use at the Loreal Academy and online for 3 years.


Mielle Organics Educator

Being a hair educator of Mielle Organics involves sharing expertise on natural hair care, conducting workshops, educating others on the brands products. It includes demonstrating styling techniques, discussing hair health and emphasizing the benefits of Mielle Organics' products for diverse hair types. This role requires deep understanding of natural hair care, effective communication skills and a passion for individuals to embrace their natural hair, as well as conducting general hair and scalp analysis using a microscope to prescribe the right product regime for their needs.

Hairdressing Presenter

cLHAIR is a skilled professional who excels in showcasing and explaining various hairdressing techniques, styles and trends. Possessing excellent communication skills to effectively convey information to captivate an audience, whether it be through live demos, workshops, online platforms or to a theatre style setting. Knowledgable about the latest industry trends, products and tools and often inspire and educate other hairstylists or enthusiasts through her expertise and engaging presentations.

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Hairdressing Show Host

When cLHAIR is hosting a show she is charismatic and a skilled individual who combines her expertise in hairdressing with a dynamic onscreen presence. She guides and entertains the audience through various segments whether it be showcasing diverse hairstyles, cutting techniques and creative trends. cLHAIR possesses excellent communication skills ensuring clarity in explaining the processes involved in achieving diffent looks to keep the audience involved each step of the way.

Discussion Panellist

Being a knowledgable professional in the field of hairdressing all hair textures cLHAIR contributes valuable insights, shares experiences and engages in conversations about trends, techniques and challenges within the hairdressing industry. cLHAIR brings a unique perspective to any panel she partakes in, offering her thoughtful contributions that enhance the overall dialogue, providing a well-rounded and informed perspective on the various aspects of the hairdressing profession.

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Celebrity Hairstyling

As a celebrity hairdresser cLHAIR uses her high skill set to cater to the grooming needs of well-known personalities such as actors, musicians and public figures. Renowned for her talent cLHAIR works with a range of high-profile clients and is trusted to create distinctive and trendsetting hairstyles or hair colours. Npt only possessing technical expertise in cutting, colouring and styling but also understands the importance of discretion and confidentiality. cLHAIR plays a crucial role in shaping the public image of her clients by delivering personalized and often iconic looks that complement the celebrity's style and persona.

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